What can I expect to find on Emmie Moves?
Emmie Moves offers a wide variety of digital classes and movement experiences that range from 5 to 75 minutes. These classes are open level and offer options and modifications for both beginner and advanced practitioners. Each class is designed to spark curiosity, illicit joy, and awaken the connection between mental and physical self. Emmie pulls from various movement modalities to create an inquisitive experience no matter what your background looks like.

What is the difference between the Premium Membership and the On Demand Membership?
The Premium Membership gives you access to every live, on demand, and recorded live class on the platform. The On Demand Membership gives you access to the in-studio drops that are released periodically. This option is best for those who are pressed for time and are looking to integrate an abbreviated movement practice into their busy life given the varied lengths of the on demand classes.

Are there scholarship options?
Yes! Emmie Moves is committed to creating and inclusive and accessible environment for anyone interested in moving their body. Email emmie@emmieyoga.com to request information.

How do I sign up for a live class?
As long as you have a computer and an account with Emmie Moves, you can sign up for a live class at any time! We offer a sliding scale drop-in rate and class packs for those who would prefer to not subscribe. If you have a premium membership, you have access to ALL of the content on the platform, including live classes.

How do I access an On Demand class?
You can purchase a 24 hour rental of any on demand class for $5. To gain access to the entire on demand library for unlimited use, purchase the Premium Membership.

Why is there no music playing in the classes?
Emmie Moves only includes curated playlists for her live sessions. All on demand and recorded classes do not have music so that you are able to individualize your movement experience. If you prefer listening to music while you practice, feel free to pick from Emmie’s Spotify to cue up a playlist while you move.

Where can I practice with Emmie in-person?
Emmie currently teaches at Hot 8 Yoga, Modo Yoga LA, and Equinox.

Can I book a private session with Emmie?
Yes! Email emmie@emmieyoga.com for more information for pricing and a link to schedule! Emmie offers both virtual and in person private sessions.